DynamicDrive FAQ
Take a look at our DynamicDrive FAQ for answers.
Still have questions about DynamicDrive? Reach out to your independent agent or call our customer service department at 866-495-4995.

General Questions:

What is DynamicDrive?

DynamicDrive is our unique program that utilizes the Routely smartphone app to measure a customer's driving behavior and provide a more tailored insurance rate – and allow the best drivers to save!

How do I opt out of DynamicDrive?

You are free to remove the Routely app at any time. If you do so within the first 30 days of registering for the program, you will be deleted from the DynamicDrive program entirely, but doing so will cause you to lose your participation discount. After 30 days, any data collected up to that point will still be available to us and may be used for future rating.

Who can I contact for help with the DynamicDrive program or the Routely app?

For assistance with the DynamicDrive program or Routely app, please call customer service at 866-495-4995.

How do you track my trips taken for the DynamicDrive program?

The Routely app which powers DynamicDrive will utilize your phone's location services to determine you have reached certain speeds and distance, which will then provide relevant information about your driving.

How is my driving performance calculated?

DynamicDrive combines information from your driving behavior with an overall profile that is used to calculate your performance rating score. The information collected includes:
  • Driving time of day
  • Distracted driving due to phone handling
  • Hard and extreme braking
  • Speeds at or above 80 mph

What do these icons mean?

These icons show when a driving event has occurred. Just a single one of these events will have little significance in your performance score, but we want to make you aware of your driving habits.
  • Distracted driving due to phone handling  Phone Handling - Phone use can distract you and take your mind off the road. Please be aware and make the roads safe for all.
  • Speeds at or above 80 mph  Speeding - You’ll receive a speeding indicator when your speed exceeds 80 mph. Studies show the safest speeds are 80 mph and below.
  • Hard and extreme braking  Sudden Braking - Occurs when your speed is greatly reduced in a short amount of time. Prevent this by keeping a safe following distance.

What if I need a new activation code?

Call customer service at 866-495-4995 and they can provide a new activation code. A new activation code may be needed if it has been over 30 days since we sent you the original code and it has expired, or you have previously deleted the app, or you have a new smartphone.

Why can’t I view older trips I have taken?

The Routely app stores a limited number of past trips on your phone. To minimize the impact on your storage space, we clear your trip cache after a certain number of trips.

What if a trip is tagged incorrectly?

If a trip is tagged incorrectly, don't worry. You can go back and change the tag after your trip. By default, you are always tagged as the driver. If you were not the driver, simply tap the car button to change the tag of your trip.

What phone devices are eligible for DynamicDrive which is supported by the Routely App?

The Routely App will support most Apple and Android smartphones.

Why do you need access to Motion and Fitness on my iPhone?

Motion and Fitness is the term Apple uses to describe your phone's motion sensors. We do not measure your fitness activity. However, we do use your phone's motion sensor to detect when you're moving in a car. We also use this sensor to measure your driving events.

Why do you need access to my storage on my Android device?

This is how Android describes your phone's motion sensors. We do not access your files or photos. We simply use your motion sensor to detect when you're moving in a car.

How much of my data plan will be used with the app?

The Routely app is set up to use the least amount of data possible and will only upload the trip data at the end of a trip when the phone is connected to the internet through Wi-Fi or cellular.

How much battery will the app use?

While the app does continuously run in the background of your phone, it will only reduce your battery life while taking a trip. This would be similar to other navigation apps. Note that the app will not engage if the phone's battery level is below 5% unless the phone is connected to a charger.